Special Interests

Knee Surgery

Mr. Adhikari has a special interest in knee surgery. Over the last three years he has performed on average both in the NHS and Private sectors:

  • Knee Replacement  250 per year
  • Cruciate ligament Surgery  60 per year
  • Arthroscopy 200 per year

Sports Injuries

He also has a special interest in sports injuries to the lower limb. He provides Orthopaedic Services to the Crystal Palace and other smaller football teams in south london. He also has an interest in skiing, rugby,athletics and other contact sports injuries.

Knee Replacement. . .

Knee Injuries. . .

Research Interests

Computer and Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery

Mr. Adhikari carried out the first computer and robotic assissted joint replacement in the UK in October 2002. He continues to present his research papers all around the world including the United States, Europe and the Far East.


Cartilage Transplant

He has been involved in the transplant of cartilage cells into the knee since 2000. He is currently one of the investigators in a pan European trial (Summit trial).


Sports Injuries

He is currently setting up a study to look at the use of mandibular braces in improving the performance of athletes and footballers